The Big Stretch Sequel DVD

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Be uplifted, inspired, informed and impressed by committed and self-responsible parents. This DVD explores the  experiences of 13 parents:

  • a fast birth with a big baby in a compound presentation
  • a long first stage in a first birth
  • a long pre-labour
  • birth preparation for the first time
  • a previous difficult birth
  • birthing a baby stuck at the shoulders
  • a posterior labour
  • breastfeeding with inverted nipples
  • birthing after a previous VBAC with a 4th degree tear
  • a breech birth
  • an uncomfortable pregnancy
  • birthing twins.

A 20 minute extras feature "Birth and the Blues" follows 6 women as they describe their experiences with post-natal depression and the strategies they found helpful.

Length: 2 hours
Origin: Australia 2012

Product Code: DVD161
Price $ 55.00

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