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The story of an Alabama Granny Midwife.

Miss Margaret lived and worked all her life in Eutaw, Alabama, first as a sharecropper in the cotton fields and then as a highly regarded midwife. She attended over 3,500 home births. She never lost a mother and never drove a car. There were times she delivered four babies a night or had to wade in water over her knees. Prayer and motherwit were the main tools in her birth bag. "They'll know what they've got to do," she said, "if you know how to talk to them. Give 'em love and kind words. That beats it all."

There are three chapters on this DVD:

Miss Margaret (37 minutes)

The Law (7 minutes) - shows how the Granny system was crushed in Alabama.

The Reception (9 minutes)

Length:  Total playing time 53 minutes.
Origin:  USA  2010



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