Evidence and skills for normal labour and birth - 2nd Ed

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This new edition emphasises the importance of translating evidence into skilful practice. It updates the evidence for what works best for normal birth, aspects of which still remain hidden and ignored by some maternity care professionals. Beginning with the decision about where to have a baby, through all the phases of labour to the immediate post-birth period, it systematically details research and other evidence sources that endorse a low-intervention approach.  The second edition:

  • has been expanded with new chapters on preparation for childbirth and waterbirth
  • highlights where the evidence is compelling
  • discusses its application
  • includes questions for reflection and practice recommendations.

Invaluable for those working in midwifery models of care or wishing to re-write outdated policies.

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Length: 206 pages
Published:  UK 2012

Product Code: BK936
Author Denis Walsh
Price $ 66.00