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This film from America is designed to motivate, encourage and uplift mothers, so that they feel supported and nurtured as they breastfeed their babies.  Beautifully produced, with a very modern, professional flair, the film covers the basics, beginning with the baby crawl immediately after birth.

Various positions for holding the baby are shown, without the cheap levitra on line prescriptive and often technical approach that makes breastfeeding seem difficult unless carefully learned. This film works from the premise that babies and mothers are meant to be together and will make breastfeeding work well, given close proximity and levitra prescription label a laid-back, fuss free attitude.

The fathers role is neatly explored, along with commonly asked questions such as "How do you when the baby is hungry?", "How do you know when the baby is getting enough milk?", "My breasts are too big/.too small" etc.

Other issues such as going back to work while continuing with breastfeeding are covered and weaning is also mentioned.

There is information on when to get help and mothers are encouraged to find local support groups. Those mentioned are Americal based, but similar gorups are easy to find in most countries and contact numbers can be offered by the educator showing the film to parents.

This is a very useful film, ideal for parent education programs and post-natal ward viewing in hospitals. Highly recommended!

Length: 25 minutes

Origin:  USA   2011


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Price $ 32.50