Skills for Childbirth Educators DVD NTSC


This DVD, presented by Andrea Robertson, is in two parts. Part 1 covers learning about the pelvis. Part 2 covers using a pelvic model effectively. Length: 53 minutes. Origin: Australia 2006

This DVD, presented by Andrea Robertson, is in two parts:

Part 1: Learning about the pelvis. Once women understand how their pelvis is designed to make birth easy and efficient, they are much more motivated to stay upright and mobile during labour and birth. They become more confident of their own innate capacity for birth and they understand how they can help themselves to ease labour pain and speed up the birth of their baby. This film shows, step by step, how this vital information can be presented, either in a group setting or with individuals. It includes: setting the scene, gaining participation, choosing the right words, dealing with group dynamics and reactions, and practical teaching tips. This exercise is designed for maximum impact and immediate learning through an innovative, interactive presentation. It is a must for every prenatal education program and also during individual consultations in a clinic setting.

Part 2: Using models effectively. This film shows how to use educational models to demonstrate important facets of labour and birth. It covers how to choose useful and practical models, topics appropriate for their use, practical tips for using them effectively, avoiding common pitfalls and handling feedback and reactions from the group. It includes: Using the fetal doll and pelvis to demonstrate the mechanics of the birth process. Using the knitted uterus to demonstrate cervical effacement and dilatation, an anterior lip of cervix, rupture of membranes, crowning and the birth of the placenta. A clever way to create realistic membranes is also demonstrated.

Length: 53 minutes
Origin: Australia 2006

Please order this NTSC version if you live in the Americas or Japan.

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