We have a large selection of educational resources to assist you  with your work, arranged in these categories:


The titles we stock have been chosen with care:  popularity,  practicality, relevance to midwifery and parent education, plus titles hard to find elsewhere.



Our DVDs feature  woman-centred care by midwives, a range of birth settings and realistic portrayals of the childbirth and parenting experience.



A whole range of charts for presenting birth and
parenting topics in prenatal programs. Many specially commissioned to reflect natural birth philosphy.




Most of our models are manufactured to our specifications for quality, versatility, realism and robustness.



Birth equipmentproducts-new-be

Keep birth normal with this select range of prodcuts designed to support midwifery practice.



Education resourcesproducts-new-cbe014

Professionally presented, durable, practical and topics i need viagra now purpose designed teaching materials for childbirth educators.




These handpicked prodcuts have proven popular with parents and are recommended by educators as useful adjuncts to their programs.


Just for fun!