It was just a nightmare: Healing birth trauma



The unpredictable nature of birth can be viewed as a challenge or adventure. Most women will fantasise or envision how they would like this watershed experience to unfold and hope for a positive, fulfilling outcome. Sadly, circumstances rarely  match these expectations any women (and their partners) can be left very bruised, both physically and mentally with post traumatic stress a common outcome.

Many  events in a woman’s life can sow seeds for these disappointing outcomes. Understanding these roots, and developing strategies for overcoming them can be rewarding for midwives. Equally, knowing how to fully support women through subsequent births to enable healing and the resolution of past traumas is vitally important for the health  of mothers and their families.

This workshop will explore these crucial issues and enable the development of practical tools useful for assisting women giving birth in all settings.


This workshop aims to:

  • Identify the scope of birth traumas that women may experience, including  birth rage and treatment cialis daily online cialis daily birth rape.
  • Explore factors that contribute to the development of women’s traumatic birth experiences
  • Examine the consequences of poor birth outcomes on women, their partners and their families
  • Develop strategies for supporting women with existing trauma that may minimise or resolve trauma in future births.
  • Explore the impact of working with traumatised women on midwives and their approach to care.

Learner outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the forms that birth trauma may take
  • Identify the factors that may lead to a traumatic birth outcome for women and their partners
  • Describe the consequences of poor birth outcomes on women and their future functioning
  • Identify behavioural and verbal cues that may indicate previously undisclosed trauma
  • Demonstrate specific strategies for providing appropriate physical and emotional support for traumatised women during pregnancy, labour, birth and the post partum period.
  • List support services that are available
  • Identify personal reactions and click here responses that may be experienced from working with traumatised women through the childbearing year.

Continuing Professional Development Points

Awarded 6 CPD points by the Australian College of Midwives.





Cost: $240 - Includes lunch, refreshments, workshop folders and notes.
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The following dates and locations are currently scheduled:

Brisbane:   Monday April 14, 2014

Melbourne:  Monday May 26, 2014

Sydney: Monday June 2, 2014


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Workshop numbers limited.