Labour and birth in water

Many women believe that immersing themselves in warm water is a more acceptable and safer alternative to using drugs for easing pain during labour and birth. Women enjoy the cipro 2 x 500 freedom offered by the bath or pool and midwives find that their role is enhanced through using this simple non-pharmacological strategy for working with labouring women. The proven outcomes of water birth has prompted NSW Health to mandate that all women giving birth in NSW Hospitals must be offered this option by 2015.

Managers need to develop appropriate protocols and policies and midwives need to be confident and competent when caring for women using water for labour and birth. This one-day workshop is designed to fulfil both of these outcomes.


This program aims to:

  • Examine the role and use of warm water immersion during labour and birth
  • Discuss the research and evidence base for promoting this option in labour
  • Explore the practicalities of caring for women who labour and birth in water
  • Offer guidelines for appropriate policy development, staff training and education, evaluation, and information for women and their partners.

Learner outcomes:

Through participation in this program, midwives will:

  • Consider the background to the use of water in labour and birth
  • Examine the research evidence that underpins this approach to labour care.
  • Explore the practicalities of supporting women labouring and giving birth in water
  • Consider how to manage challenging situations
  • Develop answers to questions commonly asked by parents
  • Develop appropriate policy and practice guidelines
  • Consider evaluation and data collection methods.


Continuing Professional Development Points

This program can be presented as either a full day program or a half day workshop in combination with other topics.

Awarded 6 CPD points by the Australian College of Midwives for the full day event and 3 CPD points for a half day program.






Dates and locations:

At present there are no scheduled workshops on this theme.  If your hospital or area health service would like to sponsor a program on this topic for the benefit of you and your colleagues, please direct them to this link, which contains information on how to set up in-service courses through Birth International.






Workshop numbers limited.