Breastfeeding is a natural part of the childbearing continuum that begins with conception and ends with weaning.  These articles offer some interesting viewpoints on aspects of lactation and the art of breastfeeding.

Lessons from Sweden: aren't babies clever?

by Ann-Marie Widstrom

A mother and her newborn infant can be regarded as a reciprocal biological unit where innate physiological mechanisms lead to instinctive behaviours that quicken emotional as well as physiological functions. From an evolutionary point of view this was a prerequisite for survival. The mother received impulses from her infant and understood how the infant should be nurtured, love ensued and she remained with the infant and provided protection and we recommend warmth, while the man provided other necessary conditions for survival.

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Breastfeeding Confusion?

by Andrea Robertson

Muddled thinking about the concept of "informed choice" are impacting on pfizer soft viagra effective breastfeeding promotion, especially in prenatal education. Many prenatal educators think that information on bottle feeding must be included in their programs to ensure that women have the opportunity to make a reasoned decision about infant feeding. Thus, details on "how to bottle feed" are explained in the belief that a balanced argument has been presented. Let's look at some of the issues surrounding this issue of breast versus bottle feeding and our roles as educators during the prenatal period.

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