help it hurts
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Help – it Hurts! … Get Me The Complementary Therapies!

by Andrea Robertson Why does pain in labour scare us so much? Everywhere a pregnant woman turns she is confronted by messages that she will need “something” to help her get through the trials of labour. Trying to “suffer” the pain of contractions without assistance is being unnecessarily “brave” now that there are so many […]

Prenatal education ... time to lift our game
Childbirth Education

Prenatal education … time to lift our game

by Andrea Robertson The most effective education occurs when people take an active part in the learning process. The old-style “talk and chalk” presentations that many of us remember from our school days are now recognised as inappropriate, especially for educating adults. Most of us learn best through active participation and getting involved, especially when […]

Working with the Young and Pregnant
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Working with the Young and Pregnant

by Andrea Robertson Providing prenatal education programs for young women can be very rewarding. Many hospitals are now incorporating a program especially designed to appeal to this particular group and these can be successful and fun whilst providing a change in pace for the educators and a worthwhile community service. Before launching such a program […]