About ACE Graphics

Birth International has developed a range of specialised educational teaching aids, marketed under the name of ACE Graphics.

The first product in the range was developed in 1985, when we sought an alternative to the commonly used rigid plastic pelvis held together with nuts and bolts. We felt that a more "woman-friendly" version would be useful. After considerable experimentation, a flexible polyurethane model was developed, which had non-articulated joints but enough flexibility overall to be able to viagra sales in uk show the movements of where to find levitra the pelvic bones, especially during birth.

Our next effort was a doll and placenta that could be used with the pelvis, and with the help of a lcoal manufacturer and some nifty sewing, we have arrived at the current version.

Over the www.yamarchno.org years we have added to our range, producing a number of specially commissioned charts, models and DVDs that support our philosophy of women giving birth themselves, in upright positions and using their own instincts and http://www.nzholidaycard.co.nz/index.php/buy-viagra-soft-online/ abilities with the assistance of midwives in a midwifery model of care. All of the products reflect this basic philosophy and provide a consistent message across our whole range. To complement the products we have designed and manufactures ourselves, we have added a very select number of other teaching aids that have a similar approach and feel.

The Essential Educator kit is our latest venture - a complete kit that enables either a beginner to set up and present a series of name brand cialis intergrated parent education sessions, or an expereinced educator to add new teaching materials of the highest quality. This unique package is a world first, offering Andrea Robertson's wisdom and practical experience of over 35 years of parent education and childbirth education training.