Birth International Company policies

Birth International is resources levitra generic ordering a consultancy that incorporates ACE Graphics and Associates in Childbirth Education (Read the ACE Code of Practice). The business is headed by Andrea Robertson, a childbirth educator with an international reputation for her skills in the field of childbirth education.

Birth International overarches both aspects of the business: providing training and education of those involved in maternity care (through Associates in Childbirth Education) and developing and promoting a range of appropriate and innovative teaching aids, equipment, models, charts and videos to support the work of midwifery (through ACE Graphics).

The primary focus of all activities has been to protect and promote midwifery in as many ways as possible.

Associates in Childbirth Education is dedicated to exploring all avenues in a quest to restore midwifery to its rightful place as guardian of the normal and the facilitators of the best births possible.

Although based in Australia, our services and activities have an international perspective and are open to anyone in any country.