help it hurts
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Help – it Hurts! … Get Me The Complementary Therapies!

by Andrea Robertson Why does pain in labour scare us so much? Everywhere a pregnant woman turns she is confronted by messages that she will need “something” to help her get through the trials of labour. Trying to “suffer” the pain of contractions without assistance is being unnecessarily “brave” now that there are so many […]

Are midwives a dying breed
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Are midwives a dying breed?

by Andrea Robertson Enabling a woman to give birth physiologically must surely be every midwife’s aim. The whole philosophy of midwifery rests on the knowledge that birth is a normal bodily function for a woman that requires a conducive environment and an experienced companion to watch for problems that may occasionally develop. This “experienced companion” […]

The Outcome of Perinatal Care in Inukjuak
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The Outcome of Perinatal Care in Inukjuak, Nunavik, Canada 1998-2002

by Susanne Houd Abstract Introduction. From the 1950s women in Nunavik were transferred to South Quebec to give¬†birth. Since 1986 women have had the opportunity to give birth in Povungnituk, Nunavik, and the education of community midwives began. Inukjuak, a small community in Nunavik, was included in the project in 1998. There is no possibility […]

Reclaiming Midwifery Care as a Foundation for Promoting 'Normal' Birth
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Reclaiming Midwifery Care as a Foundation for Promoting ‘Normal’ Birth

by Maggie Banks This paper identifies some essentials of midwifery practice and looks at how the woman who may have additional care needs receives woman-centred care. Breech presentation will be used by way of example to demonstrate the latter. Childbirth is neither ‘normal’ nor ‘abnormal’. It is, quite simply, a childbirth journey – a unique […]

Epidurals: Real Risks for Mother and Baby
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Epidurals: Real Risks for Mother and Baby

by Dr Sarah Buckley Epidural pain relief is an increasingly popular choice for Australian women in the labour ward. Up to one-third of all birthing women have an epidural1, and it is especially common amongst women having their first babies2. For women giving birth by caesarean section, epidurals are certainly a great alternative to general […]

Fish Can't See Water

Fish Can’t See Water

By Marsden Wagner (MD, MSPH) The need to humanize birth in Australia This paper was presented at the Homebirth Australia Conference, Noosa, Australia, November 2000 Humanizing birth means understanding that the woman giving birth is a human being, not a machine and not just a container for making babies. Showing women – half of all […]